3, 2, 1...

Three Hours, Two Songwriters, One Song

A look into APRA AMCOS' 3-2-1 Sessions with The BIGSOUND50

#3, 2, 1...

Last year BIGSOUND went 100% virtual and 100% free, with a diverse program of conference sessions and workshops moving online, resulting in a record number of streams and delegates from all over the world. BIGSOUND 2020 also introduced the world to #TheBIGSOUND50, highlighting the country’s best new talent and emerging songwriters.

Longtime supporters of BIGSOUND, APRA AMCOS, have been running their 3-2-1 Songwriting Sessions for many years with a simple mantra - Three Hours, Two Songwriters, One Song. This year was no different, with APRA AMCOS inviting all of #TheBIGSOUND50 artists to take part in a writing session with a newly introduced twist...

Traditionally, artists are required to create a new work from the ground up, however, this year’s artists were invited to apply for help getting their own existing ideas over the line, or to lend their talents to assist other artists to finish incomplete works from other artists!

Esteemed songwriter and multi-BIGSOUND alumni Sahara Beck was tasked with listening to each song submission and matched 20 songwriters into 10 pairs, including DOBBY, Jaguar Jonze, Shannen James, L-FRESH The LION, The Merindas, Order Sixty6, Squid Nebula and Ms. Thandi.

Andrew Tuttle, APRA AMCOS Manager, National Engagement said the opportunity for APRA AMCOS and BIGSOUND to collaborate so closely together on the 3-2-1 Sessions has been a really positive outcome of such a turbulent year. 

“The BIGSOUND50 includes some of Australia’s most talented and innovative songwriters and producers, and we’re delighted to have played a part in the development of new songwriting collaborations between music creators. Sahara Beck’s expert curation of the applicants has led to some really special songwriting partnerships, and together with BIGSOUND we are incredibly excited to see how they grow throughout The BIGSOUND50’s year of professional development,” said Mr Tuttle.
Blake Hansen of Melbourne-based soul collective Squid Nebula said of the opportunity

“At a time when networking and collaborating with other artists has become more difficult than ever, the opportunity to learn from others, establish new artistic connections and engage in a new creative process is one that I am so glad could be a part of my BIGSOUND experience.”

BIGSOUND Executive Producer and QMusic CEO, Angela Samut understands the importance of collaboration in the music industry, for artists and organisations, and knows the right pairings can create truly memorable outcomes. 

“APRA AMCOS has been a valuable addition to the BIGSOUND family for many years and by offering emerging talent the opportunity to grow and develop through collaboration and professional development shows great leadership. The BIGSOUND50 artists are going to be household names within the next 24 months, if they aren’t already, so the songs penned through the APRA AMCOS 3-2-1 Sessions will add to the creative and honest stories from our artists and their journeys through this industry,” said Ms Samut.

With many of the collaborations striking gold, keep an ear to the ground and look forward to hearing the results of the BIGSOUND APRA AMCOS 3-2-1 Sessions.

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BIGSOUND would not be possible without the generous support of our event partners. We thank them for their contribution to the future of Australian music.