Jaguar Jonze

Brisbane, QLD

#About Jaguar Jonze

Jaguar Jonze is a genre-bending artist shredding it up onstage and off and the Brisbane-based, Japanese-born Taiwanese/Australian artist is joining #TheBIGSOUND50 in 2020.

Jaguar is a special performer. Her stage presence has been described as “manic” and more often than not features her “bending over backwards, writhing, crab-walking and altogether looking like she's possessed by some sort of musical devil,” which sounds more like a life-changing experience than a gig.

“My close friend passed away 9 years ago and to deal with the grief, I accidentally fell into music and started writing songs. Since then, I realised that I hadn't lived life passionately prior, and now can't live without it. Music for me is a way to converse with my subconscious, my emotions and to help process the chapters of everyday life.” 

It’s been a huge year for Jaguar Jonze. In April this year she dropped her debut EP ‘Diamonds and Liquid Gold’ while in isolation recovering from COVID-19. A couple of months later, she found herself at the helm of a new movement within the Australian music industry, calling for accountability from perpetrators of sexual assault. Time and time again, she emerges from battle with claws still raised, living up to her feline moniker. Her latest single ‘DEADALIVE’ has Tarantino-level drama with its bending guitars, propulsive drums and signature commanding vocals. 

As she joins #TheBIGSOUND50, Jonze is on the hunt for management, “especially management with international experience”. “[I’m also looking] to have conversations with publishing and promoters.”

“It's a huge honour to be a part of #TheBIGSOUND50. 2020 has been a strange year, and being a part of this strange version of BIGSOUND seems special to me; it caps off my weird year of music.”

Looking to the future, Jaguar Jonze says her main focus is on longevity. “My goal is to have a sustainable career as an artist where I can have security, shelter and stability without stressing out about how to fund my artistic projects and my own personal life.”



Signed to Nettwerk Records, Jaguar Jonze has released ‘You Got Left Behind’, ‘Beijing Baby’, and ‘Kill Me With Your Love’ from her 2020 debut EP. At home in Australia, Jaguar Jonze has garnered the attention of The Music, Fashion Journal, The Industry Observer and Tone Deaf, who writes " sum up the creative explosion that is Deena Lynch into a neat little elevator pitch would have even the most qualified of journalists in tears."

Jaguar Jonze was named by Cool Accidents as an “Artist To Watch” for BIGSOUND 2019 and was also named in Richard Kingsmill’s “Top 5 Artists from BIGSOUND 2019”. Deena is also a triple j Unearthed Feature Artist, and made her performance debut on Like A Version for a cover of Nirvana’s ‘Heart-Shaped Box’, alongside friends Hermitude. Jaguar Jonze also competed in Eurovision Australia Decides 2020 with her own original song ‘Rabbit Hole’. Abroad, after features on Spotify and Apple Music playlists, FLAUNT Magazine deemed her “...nothing short of a manifold visionary”.