Sydney, NSW


South-West Sydney Hip Hop artist and producer L-FRESH The LION has forged his sound by reflecting heavily on his influences and the area he grew up in. L-FRESH is driven to create music that not only sounds good, but speaks of passion and purpose, inspired by MC’s like J. Cole and The Root’s Black Thought. 

“I was driven to make music because I felt like I had something to say. I keep creating because, now more than ever, I feel like I have a story to tell and a message to share with the world that is unique, valuable and important. I do this because I love it. It's a part of who I am.”

As a Sikh born and raised in Australia, L-FRESH works to fuse his multiple cultural influences into the sonics of his music, both in the production and in the story telling. Meanwhile, L-FRESH live show is an experience unto itself. “Every time I step on stage, I aim to leave the audience with a feeling that they'll remember for a long time.”

L-FRESH is looking to expand his influence beyond Australia’s borders, with a focus on India, the UK and USA. His career aspirations aren’t just limited to himself, however, as L-FRESH is working to use his experience in the music industry to establish and build platforms that help nurture the careers of young artists, specifically in Western Sydney and India. You can even hear L-FRESH speak at the BIGSOUND20 Conference as he shares strategies, ideas and dreams for music to exist outside the Western music industry.

L-FRESH is open to connecting with anybody interested in his work. “It's an honour to be a part of #TheBIGSOUND50. Australia has a lot of great artists so to be considered in this year's 50 is a blessing.” Specifically, L-FRESH is approaching BIGSOUND with sights on record labels & distribution in India, booking agents in the UK, distribution in the US and publishing in Australia.

With so much happening in L-FRESH’s court, he’s steadily looking forward to what the future of the music holds and how the effects of COVID could better the industry. “The music industry continues to adapt and evolve. Whenever it's presented with challenges, it always finds a way to rise above.” As the industry finds itself in a new frontier, expect to see L-FRESH spearheading change and bringing the perfect soundtrack with him

“I'm excited about the continued crumble of existing barriers that have limited artists' potential and growth. There are new ways of doing things. Traditional methods are becoming more and more irrelevant. I'm excited to see powers shift and people from previously (sometimes purposely) ignored backgrounds build new models outside of current narrow-minded frameworks.”


The Sydney Morning HeraldA fresh take on pride and joy

Fri 31 Jul 2020
Photo by Nick Moir.

NMEL-Fresh The LION announces live-stream album launch

Thu 9 Jul 2020
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Born and raised in South West Sydney, L-FRESH The LION is one of Australia’s most important Hip Hop artists. From live music venues, stadiums and arenas, to the United Nations Headquarters in New York, his music is a powerful statement which speaks of purpose. Known for his unwavering strength, forever rising mentality and his ability to move a crowd, L-FRESH has caught the eyes of many across Australia and the world.

Breaking ground and exceeding expectations is a recurring theme of this South West Sydney artist, having performed alongside hip hop icons such as Nas, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, and even the legendary Sir Elton John. Making no exception in 2020, L-FRESH The LION has released his highly anticipated third studio album, SOUTH WEST. A love letter to the place that raised him and continues to inspire him, South West Sydney. Dedicating the album to his 13 year old self, the record is a collection of lessons FRESH wished he had known as a kid; lessons on how to be confident in yourself and hold pride in your culture. SOUTH WEST sees FRESH at his most honest, penning stories of his experience as a second-generation migrant kid existing between two cultures and the ongoing effects of Australia’s inherently racist culture. A personal take on the process of decolonisation, SOUTH WEST is both a listening and a political experience.