Squid Nebula

Melbourne, VIC

#About Squid Nebula

Formed in 2014 as an instrumental band, the Melbourne-based soul collective Squid Nebula found their groove when they were joined by Noongar vocalist Bumpy. “As a quintet, Squid Nebula have developed a soulful manipulation of disco and jazz with complimenting dub textures that has been lighting up dance-floors ever since.”

Live, the band creates an electrifying atmosphere, often adding horns or extra vocals. With a focus on “fluidity and improvisation”, no two shows are the same. Each member’s personality is evident in the performance, as well as the energy of the audience, resulting in a feel-good, uplifting environment. “We are all passionately invested in our craft and the coming together of our five musical identities is something we all hold very dearly.”

“Music is healing, nurturing and empowers us to engage and influence.” The band use their platform as performers to advocate for change and spotlight marginalised voices in front of audiences who mightn’t have had the same exposure. Joining #TheBIGSOUND50, Squid Nebula hope they’ll be able to build a team of people who can help connect them to their ideal audience. They would also like to “connect with First Nations representatives and discuss culturally safe and appropriate ways to navigate through the industry.” 

As restrictions ease, Squid Nebula hope to take their feel-good disco performances even further, taking the stage at festivals like Meredith, and travelling overseas to play. The resilience of music communities around the world this year have instilled them with hope for the future.

“Music continues to prove that it is an essential part of being human and we feel very blessed to be able to engage in it as a healing process.”



Squid Nebula are a Melbourne-based collective performing a soulful manipulation of disco and jazz with complementing dub textures that has been lighting up dancefloors since their beginnings in 2014. Fronted by hypnotic First Nations artist Bumpy and supported by one of Melbourne’s tightest and most idiosyncratic rhythm sections, Squid Nebula’s live show is an electrifying, soulful trip that has led the band to performances at Strawberry Fields and St. Kilda Festival, regular appearances for the Cherry Bar’s Soul In The Basement/Attic nights and headline sets at The Night Cat late, late on a Saturday night. New EP 'Connectivity' is a celebration of the way human beings interact, form bonds and long for them when they are taken away. 'Connectivity' also represents a common ground in Squid Nebula’s collective influences that falls somewhere between soul, disco, jazz and psychedelia.