Meet The Team

Kris Stewart

Executive Producer, BIGSOUND | CEO, QMusic

Tom Larkin

Conference Programming Lead

Ruby-Jean McCabe

Showcase Co-Programming Lead

Dominic Miller

Showcase Co-Programming Lead

Aleisha McLaren

Conference Program Manager

Sarah Ponturo

Senior Producer

Mandi McIntyre

Co-Director of Programming

Ant McKenna

Co-Director of Programming

Dan Rennie

Goolwal Goolwal Cultural Lead

Kathie Elliott-Scott

Director of Partnerships and Philanthropy

Eddie Gresack

Technical Production Director

Ian McIntosh

Director of Finance and Operations

Kat Bermingham

Operations Manager

Angela Kohler

Director of Marketing and Communications

Carrie Barber

Marketing Manager

Amy Kerby

Marketing Coordinator (Digital Lead)

Vashti Greder

Associate Producer

Meagan Babore

Customer Relations Manager

Uncle Kev

Elder in Residence

Jacqui Grinzi

Safety Advisor

#QMusic Management Commitee

QMusic Patron

Scott Hutchinson

Committee Members

Natalie Strijland, President

D-J Wendt, Vice President

Sarah Crook, Treasurer

Roz Pappalardo, Secretary

John Collins

Tina Radburn

Rhianna Patrick

John Mullen

Jack Ball

Vivienne Mellish

Jacqui Grinzi

Hayley Johnson

Aaron Dahl

We express our sincere gratitude to all the contractors, volunteers and partners who make BIGSOUND possible and who are helping to support and build the future of Australian music.