Ms. Thandi

Sydney, NSW

#About Ms. Thandi

Ms. Thandi is the Sydney soul princess blending classic musical textures with a modern Hip Hop vibe.

“I've been making music for as long as I can remember - my Dad is a musician so I was very influenced by him.” Surrounded by music in her youth, performing allows her to create a space of peace and freedom. “It just makes sense.”

Following in the footsteps of R&B’s big love songs, the Zimbabwean/South African singer wears her heart on her sleeve with her lyrics. Live, she makes it her mission to have everyone feeling themselves, joined by her bestie on DJ duties. “It's good energy - playful and captivating, I’ve been told.”

“I am so aware of how liberating music can be for artists and audiences alike, and I feel privileged to contribute [to that myself].” 

Ms. Thandi joins a cohort of Black Australian artists coming into their own and proudly taking up space in the music scene, a movement she wholeheartedly welcomes. 

“I'm most excited by the rise of incredible black artists. I think that the Australian music scene has been whitewashed for a minute, and I'm excited to see more diversity (of culture and genre) pushed to the forefront.” 

It’s been a challenging time for the music industry this year, which is why Ms. Thandi is extra excited to join the #TheBIGSOUND50 line-up. “I want to use the BIGSOUND opportunity to promote my upcoming EP and its first single, ‘The Eyes’. I would like to connect with booking agents, too, and hopefully sign with one.”

So what does Ms. Thandi’s wishlist for the future look like? “Some of my goals include doing a Triple J 'Like A Version', performing for a COLORS Berlin show, doing a national tour after I've released a few projects and touring internationally, supporting the artists that I love and respect.”

Most of all, she wants to keep making music and spreading her message.

“My ultimate goal is to share my art en masse, to create freely, and to help foster a space for others to succeed.”



Ms. Thandi is an independent, R&B singer/songwriter whose nostalgic, soulful and sensual sound has taken over the conversation regarding Sydney’s new wave of female creatives. Her early exposure to music provided a multitude of creative influences; from Old Soul to Jazz, 1990’s Hip-Hop and RnB that are all so aligned with her creative processes. Ms. Thandi’s groove and energy can be felt through her charming and individualist lyrics and instrumentation. Citing influences such as Erykah Badu and Alicia Keys, Ms. Thandi is no stranger to love songs, a staple of her extremely diverse palate of creative styles. Ms. Thandi issued her coveted debut single 'On the Table' in November 2019. This was soon followed by, 'HUNNY' in February 2020. In light of her recent success as a BIGSOUND50 showcase artist for 2020, Ms. Thandi has put the infrastructure around herself to deliver her first upcoming Extended Play, 'Every Song Is A Love Song', due early 2021.