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Toni Janke


TONI JANKE is a Wuthathi, Yadighana and Meriam woman who lives in Meanjin (Brisbane) Queensland. She grew up in Cairns and later Canberra. Her family originally comes from Cape York and Murray Island in the Torres Strait.

Toni is an award-winning singer/songwriter who has been writing her own songs and performing for over 30 years. She has performed at various festivals and events across Australia and runs workshops and events. She is a recipient of a national Deadly Award and set up her own independent music label in the 1990s. She has also received an Australia Council for the Arts Music Fellowship for her contribution to Indigenous music and the arts.

Toni has recorded various albums of original music. Her music is available on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

Toni also runs her own consultancy, coaching and mentoring business, Toni Janke Productions which is based in Brisbane and specialised in First Nations leadership, advocacy, cultural capability and events management. Toni works closely with other First Nations organisations and artists as well as government and corporate agencies. She has also held various positions on Boards and Committees at the national, state and local level.


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