Barkaa is a Malyangapa, Barkindji woman from Western New South Wales, now living in South West Sydney on Gandangara land. Music to Barkaa has been part of her journey to express herself, the truth and issues impacting First Nations people. She has released her debut single this year "For My Tittas" and has made waves within her community with the 'Pass The Ochre' challenge. She has done numerous interviews, performed at a number of venues, as well as online events during the pandemic.

Her most recent collaboration was with Dobby 'I CAN'T BREATHE' highlighting Black Deaths In Custody, also releasing a collaboration with Mackridge '22CLAN' as testament to their people. Barkaa as an Artist likes to talk about contemporary issues as well as her culture.

Even though Barkaa is new to the scene she is making massive noise, in the last couple of months Barkaa has been listed as one of the:
- Top five female rappers in Australia by ABC’s triple j,
- 15 Sydney rappers ruling 2020 by Redbull and;
- Featured in GQ Magazine

Proving that Barkaa is on a fast and steady incline as a critical contribution to Australia’s musical landscape.

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