Music plays a part in bringing about real behavioural change within our community. We can all play a part in helping drive change.

Through safer spaces, better systems, and increased awareness and education, we believe it’s possible to set the ground rules of acceptable behaviour, empowering others to be proactive and offering greater access to support services and materials that will drive long term social change. 

Emergency planning and risk minimisation through systematic process alongside social trust will make this year’s BIGSOUND the safest in its 21-year history.  

As part of event planning, and to adhere to zero-tolerance, we are enacting our collective responsibility. 

Your safety and wellbeing are important to us. If you have observed or experienced inappropriate, abusive or illegal behaviours please text or contact 0493 502 638 or email If it is an EMERGENCY please contact 000.  

Our Collective Responsibility

Everyone should feel safe at BIGSOUND right? “Party Safe” is our #1 house rule, and anyone involved in harmful behaviour will face serious consequences.

QMusic’s Concert Care Crew and on-ground services

Our on-ground Concert Care Crew powered by ConsciousNest, will be providing support and assistance to patrons, crew and artists during BIGSOUND. If you see them roaming and need support, reach out. We have also introduced on-ground Medics located at our BIGSOUND Safety Hub.


The BIGSOUND Safety Hub provides access to support services, dedicated safe spaces, sensory and accessibility spaces, where people can go to talk that is safe, supportive, quiet, and where you can seek information or assistance.

YADA YATTA-BA (House of First People)

Located in the Brunswick Street Mall, a place for supporting, promoting, and celebrating First Nations music and culture – drop in for a cuppa and a yarn!

If you see something, say something

BIGSOUND Concert Care number, for support: text or phone 0493 502 638.

If it's an EMERGENCY contact 000.

BIGSOUND Safety Prevention & Response Team (BSPRT)

The BSPRT will work to provide appropriate responses to critical issues as quickly and as systematically as possible and offer a process of judicious thinking and evaluation, providing assistance with BIGSOUND on-ground safety navigation and service coordination and resources.

Promoting awareness and education

An accessible approach to changing problematic societal behaviours and attitudes with messages and ways to seek support clearly displayed throughout all BIGSOUND venues, setting the minimum standards we expect to see.

Safety and compliance standards

For all BIGSOUND contractors, employees, volunteers and venues. Including information on how to report an incident, dealing with excess consumption of alcohol and drugs, cultural safety and awareness, accessibility and importantly, clear systems and processes dealing with incidents of any nature.

Where to go for help and resources

Helplines and resources, including your rights and responsibilities.

BIGSOUND's hours of operation are 9am-3am Monday – Wednesday, to 4am Thursday and 9am-12pm Friday. During BIGSOUND’s hours of operation the Safety Hub will be accessible. During this time the following areas of operation apply:

· QMusic’s Concert Care Crew, including Medics 3pm-3am Tuesday and Wednesday, to 4am Thursday

· Yada Yatta-Ba (House of First People) 9am – 6pm

QMusic's Concert Care Program has been supported by our Safety Partners - ConsciousNest, MATE Program, Support Act and funding received from Queensland Government through Office for Women and Violence Prevention.