Collective Responsibility

Take hundreds of talented performers, the entire Australian music industry (plus our mates overseas), then add a couple of thousand punters to the mix... BIGSOUND is a party like no other, with a stacked guest list.

Like any good host, we want everyone to feel safe and welcome at this year’s event regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, race or religion. “Party Safe” is our #1 house rule, and anyone involved in harmful behaviour will face serious consequences. By participating in BIGSOUND you agree to Party Safe by: 

  1. Following state, federal and local laws, as well as event policies.
  2. Refraining from offensive behaviour, verbal discrimination, aggression, physical violence, abuse or harassment of any kind.
  3. Consuming alcohol responsibly. Pace yourself, stay hydrated, know your limits.
  4. Refraining from the sale or use of illicit substances. If you are using illicit drugs, be aware that the simultaneous consumption of multiple types of drugs, including alcohol, increases your risk of overdose, injury or death.
  5. Alerting a member of staff or security if you, or someone around you is feeling unwell or distressed.
  6. Practicing active consent. Consent is not the absence of a “No”, it’s the presence of a “Yes”, given freely, clearly and without coercion. Consent can be withdrawn at any time.
  7. Maintaining a safe social distance from others, where possible. Please also refrain from moshing and crowd-surfing.
  8. Staying home or at your accommodation if you’re feeling sick.
  9. Being kind and following the directives from all venue staff, volunteers and contractors of BIGSOUND.

QMusic will take appropriate action to manage any breach of the above conditions, including the revoking of perpetrators’ credentials without refund, termination of the contract, banning from any future QMusic events and reporting of the matter to relevant authorities.

Support is available by:

● Visiting our Safety Hub within the conference and showcase precinct

● QMusic’s Where To Go For Help Resources

At the end of the day, BIGSOUND is a massive event. We rely on our entire community to look out for each other and speak up if something doesn’t seem right. If you’ve experienced or witnessed behaviour that violates the conditions above, we want to hear about it. Please get in touch by emailing (all disclosures will be dealt with sensitively and escalated appropriately). Notifying QMusic does not constitute or replace reporting to the police or seeking help through relevant support services. All legal offences should be reported to Police 131 444 or in an emergency 000.

The above guidelines outline the basic standards we expect at BIGSOUND, and at all our music events.

In reality, we know many conference and showcase goers will exceed these standards during their time at BIGSOUND and we are counting down the days until our entire industry is reunited, once again by the Brisbane River! Just remember, BIGSOUND is a marathon of a party, where the effects of tiredness, intoxication and overstimulation all take a toll on people. Showing respect, empathy and understanding towards each other will make the ride smoother.

Thank you for your commitment to everyone’s safety and enjoyment during our celebration! See you at the party.