#BIGSOUNDstories with Johnny Hunter

How Johnny Hunter is bringing goth rock to the masses following their BIGSOUND 2023 showcase.

Johnny Hunter embody darkness and glamour. Their gothic post-punk sound and look, influenced by Bowie and Depeche Mode, has amassed a cult following both in Australia and overseas. They’ve sold out venues nationwide and the legendary Adam Greenspan (IDLES, Nick Cave) mixed their infectious debut album ‘Want’. Honouring their past whilst embracing sonic revolution, Johnny Hunter captivates every audience with their furious instrumentals and poignant lyrics.

Following their stellar BIGSOUND showcase in 2023, Johnny Hunter caught the eyes of international industry heavyweights, which paving the way for major moves in 2024.

“In a career-defining moment, the band has been signed to Steve Zapp’s UK agency ITB off the back of the BIGSOUND showcase, and we are planning a move to the UK in 2024 to facilitate touring opportunities in conjunction with new releases coming out via Hell Beach/Onelove.”

The band’s latest single ‘Frustration’ was released in May 2024 through Hell Beach and as anticipated, the band’s move to the UK has opened many doors, allowing them to make their mark on the international stage.