Winners announced

Levi's® Music Relief Fund in partnership with BIGSOUND

Winners announced for the Levi's® Music Relief Fund in partnership with BIGSOUND

Five Australian musicians receive a much needed and deserved boost with the announcement of the Levi's® Music Relief Fund presented by Levi’s® and BIGSOUND producer, QMusic.

This round of winners are: Angie McMahon (VIC), L-FRESH THE LION (NSW), Mo’Ju (NSW), Jesswar (QLD) and Eliza & the Delusionals (QLD).

LEVI'S® MUSIC RELIEF FUNDAnd the winners are...

In response to the devastating impacts of COVID-19 on the music industry, the Levi's® Music Prize was redesigned earlier this year to support more artists across Australia and New Zealand and change focus from international touring to national projects, skills development and mental health and well-being.

"BIGSOUND is proud to be a part of the story of winners Angie McMahon, L-FRESH THE LION, Mo’Ju, Jesswar and Eliza & the Delusionals," said QMusic CEO Angela Samut

"Since performing at BIGSOUND, these artists have gone on to release albums, tours and connect with international audiences. We are thankful to Levi’s® who are helping them during this time of financial hardship as well as The Indigo Project and Bolstr."

Head of Marketing at Levi’s® Australia and New Zealand, Trent Bos congratulates the next five winners of the Levi’s® Music Relief Fund.

"Our Levi’s® community understand how hard the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the music industry, so we created the Levi’s® Music Relief Fund with the sole purpose to provide support for artists across Australia and New Zealand. We care about music and we care about people, so we’re going beyond financial support, and investing in the skillset of artists as well as investing in their mental and emotional needs," said Mr Bos.

Supporting mental and emotional well-being, The Indigo Project have offered an online workshop as part of the prize that will support the artists need for connection and the importance of focusing on mental and emotional health.

The Indigo Project are a progressive psychology practice that run courses, workshops and create immersive experiences to guide clients on a transformational journey. The online course as part of the Levi's® Music Relief Fund prize focuses on self-development, insight and personal growth. The winners will have the opportunity to work through over 250 hours of video content, 50 activities and guided meditations to help manage mind, emotion and relationships in times of uncertainty, challenge and change.

Victorian artist and winner, Angie McMahon said this award will help her continue to release music which will in turn keep her community connected and support them through this difficult time.

“I’m so grateful to have a prize that is just going to help me make and release music at this time. Obviously, we can’t be touring and we won’t be doing that again until it’s safe for people to be in shows. I’m in Melbourne, so I’m enjoying writing songs and being involved in art and music. I think that those things are going to be really important to help us get through such a strange time like this and stay connected,” said McMahon.

Mo’Ju, formerly known as Mojo Juju, is also in lock-down in Melbourne and said that the Levi’s® Music Relief Fund is a wonderful support to the industry and artists during the COVID-19 restrictions and coming out of it.

“I’m in Victoria, so we have a pretty strict lock-down, but we’re trying to stay positive, stay creative and I’m working on new music. We have taken a massive hit to the income without live music, so every little bit counts, so thank you to everyone who has been a supporter,” said Mo’Ju.

To support the winners upskilling through ongoing COVID-related restrictions, the BLOCKS by Bolstr. webinar will feature a 2.5 hour online workshop customised for the winners of 2020 Levi’s® Music Relief Fund. BLOCKS is a specialist digital up-skilling workshop built for the music and entertainment industry. Born out of Bolster, Australia’s leading digital agency for music and events, Blocks is a concise, yet comprehensive digital marketing workshop driven by real industry knowledge.

The new Levi’s® Music Relief Fund in partnership with BIGSOUND has awarded each winner with $4,500 cash to go towards their music career plus a BLOCKS by Bolstr. customised online workshop, an online course with The Indigo Project to support self-development, insight and personal growth, and an outfit from Levi’s®.

Administered by QMusic, producer of BIGSOUND, in collaboration with Levi’s®, the prize provides multiple opportunities for BIGSOUND artists as they build their global careers.

Previous winners of the Levi’s® Music Prize include G Flip, Gordon Koang, Ecca Vandal, The Teskey Brothers, Amyl & The Sniffers, Stella Donnelly, Alex Lahey, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Hatchie and Emerson Snowe.

The Levi’s® Music Relief Fund is administered by BIGSOUND through QMusic, and presented by Levi’s® Australia and New Zealand, with support from Bolster. and The Indigo Project.

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