Big Changes

BIGSOUND 2018 will be dedicated to creating and celebrating a new generation of change-makers.

Through empowering artists and industry of all levels to make genuine change in their own lives, businesses and the world around them, the new format of the BIGSOUND conference will invite a whole new level of participation and discussion from attendees.

While you’ll still get the chance to hear from people in the know on panels and keynotes, you’ll also have the opportunity to contribute to all new forum sessions designed to bring our industry together in conversation, meet more people, and learn more practical skills than ever before.

“We realise that conferences based purely on a ‘talking heads’ model no longer have a place in a 2018 music industry that values the contributions of diverse peoples,” said QMusic CEO Joel Edmondson.

“BIGSOUND has always been here to create opportunities for networking and learning and with this year’s event, we will be at the cutting edge of both.”

“The new BIGSOUND program will be a revolution in the way the Australian music industry comes together to make change happen.”

Joel Edmondson, QMusic CEO

BIGSOUND 2018 is set to create a new kind of ‘call-in’ culture in the Australian music industry, welcoming people of all walks of life to contribute to our annual celebration of new music discovery. This greater inclusivity will be exemplified by an enhanced focus on the importance of First Nations people to the Australian music industry. BIGSOUND has expanded its team with the addition of new First Nations Producer Alethea Beetson, who will work alongside the BIGSOUND team to enhance the cultural appropriateness of the event.

“We will be inviting people from across the community to help us reimagine the future of the music industry and open our eyes to new ways of doing things, including thought-leaders from other fields like sport, entertainment, design, psychology and more,” said Executive Programmer Maggie Collins.

"We want to use BIGSOUND this year as an opportunity to create growth not just in the music business and economy, but culturally and socially too."

Maggie Collins, BIGSOUND Executive Programmer

Minister for the Arts Leeanne Enoch said the Queensland Government, through Arts Queensland, supports the state’s contemporary music artists and industry by investing in QMusic and its signature event.  

"BIGSOUND, as Australia’s largest gathering for the contemporary music industry, showcases our songwriters and performers, and importantly brings together our emerging talent and national and international market leaders,” Ms Enoch said.

“The new elements QMusic has introduced to BIGSOUND this year, including celebrating the contribution First Nations people make to the music industry and a stronger focus on a unified music community, will inspire and enable artists and musicians to take their career to the next level.”

BIGSOUND 2018 takes place from the 4 – 7 September. 

Tickets are on sale now!