Melbourne, VIC


Hailing from Cairns in Far North Queensland, Mirning and Wuthathi artist Yirgjhilya has been living and making music on Wurundjeri country for six years. Singing and performing since she was 9 in school bands allowed Yirgjhilya to get her first taste of live performance with various choirs, bands, and Indigenous artists. Yirgjhilya's love for the performing arts has seen her taking a role in different live musicals including a lead in 'Hairspray'. As an extension, Yirgjhilya's live shows are self-described as “respectful, creative and honest. Everything I write comes straight from the heart of who I am.”

“Some say love is like a song and love is a feeling. I sing and create music because what I feel naturally translates into music. I feel it and so I sing it - when I think of a melody it’s by feeling. We all express how we feel, our experiences, our thoughts in some way, I use my creativity to express myself and through this comes connection – music is my doorway to connection.”

As an artist in #TheBIGSOUND50, Yirgjhilya wants to push the boundaries of being an Aboriginal contemporary artist and “create diversity and inclusion in the Australian Music Industry.” Yirgjhilya hopes to give back to the community, provide opportunities for Indigenous youth and positively influence those around her. Ultimately, Yirgjhilya is on the right track to create a musical legacy to travel the world share her story and her message of strength as an Aboriginal Artist and Woman.

When the effects of the pandemic start to settle and live music returns to the forefront, Yirgjhilya is "positive that our return to live gigs and attending festivals will be even bigger than before. I personally have a bigger respect and willingness to support our local businesses, venues and most of all our artists post COVID."



From South Australia to Far North Queensland and now Melbourne, Yirgjhilya is a talented singer who finds her inspiration, confidence and strength within her community and family. Daughter of Coloured Stone’s Bunna Lawrie, Yirgjhilya grew up in a musical family allowing her to develop her creativity and musical expression from a very young age, empowering her to use her musical talent to persevere in upholding the Indigenous culture ever since.

Earning a solid reputation after paramount and poignant performances at Share the Spirit Festival, The 80th anniversary of the Cummeragunja Walk-Off, St Kilda Festival, Yirramboi Festival, Umi Arts: Big Talk One Fire and the ABC’s NAIDOC Special, Yirgjhilya recently released ‘Baganar’, her debut single written in Mirning, an Aboriginal language from the Far West Coast of South Australia and translates to ‘call out’ and ‘rise up.’ ‘Baganar’ has since been featured on indigiTUBE’s ‘First Sounds Volume 3’ as well as Spotify’s playlist ‘Original Storytellers,’ curated by Rhianna Patrick.