Sydney, NSW

#About Yawdoesitall

Based in Western Sydney, Yawdoesitall is a talented Ghanian-Australian artist whose experimental, progressive hip hop fuses together a plethora of genres. Combining pretty instruments with more eclectic sounds, his music is filled with bright energy, intricate production and witty lyricism.

“Making music is one of the only times when I feel honest and free.” 

As part of #TheBIGSOUND50, Yaw is “looking forward to connecting with a wider audience and people who need to hear this piece of art I’ve put together.” 

“I think BIGSOUND opens the door for both industry and fans to connect to artists they'll cherish for a lifetime. It means a lot to be part of BIGSOUND, as this has been a huge goal of mine.”

Yawdoesitall dreams of shaking the world with his art, playing the festival stages he’s seen host his favourite musicians. “I love performance. Watching artists like Travis Scott and Tyler the Creator move crowds with songs they wrote and made in their bedroom drove me to [pursue my own dream]... In 10 years time, I see myself on stage with [them], doing what I love, with my #1 singles played all over the world.”

During 2020, music allowed Yaw to touch base with what made him fall in love in the first place, spending time perfecting his craft. “Music has been so healing during these times. I hope the general public show more respect to artists and creatives now, as we’ve been some of the most essential people on Earth this year.”



During a recent interview, Life Without Andy called 22 year old artist Eugene Yaw Obeng, artistically known as Yawdoesitall, the true embodiment of the term "renaissance". This may seem like a high praise for an artist who just made his debut in late 2018, but Yawdoesitall has wasted no time in building up a solid reputation behind him. Not only a talented artist in the music field, he’s also thrown himself into exploring other creative endeavours including photography and videography. A true polymath, Yawdoesitall is ever evolving - the best way to be.

With his second release for 2020, ‘ARMADILLO’ Yawdoesitall continues to lay down some strong foundations as he emerges into one of Sydney’s exciting young names in the game.