The Yorke Band

Adelaide, SA

#About The Yorke Band

One of #TheBIGSOUND50 standouts are Peninsula trio The Yorke Band. The South Australian group is made up of Caleb, Zakari, and Zac who have been making music individually for twelve years but have played together as The Yorke Band for five. 

The Yorke Band own a sound considered “percussively full and interesting with rolling bass lines”, complemented by the “smooth guitar chops and a gentle and melodic voice that develops powerful projection to match the dynamic style.” Their live shows have been said to quickly go from feeling like “a casual Sunday piss up” to “utter chaos” in a matter of seconds.

The trio began creating music in the windows of time between school and sports as a means of a creative outlet. Using their music as a platform, The Yorke Band are looking to discuss Indigenous affairs and give other young members of their community a voice, creating music not only for themselves but for the generations to come. The trio want to make the most of their opportunity at BIGSOUND 2020 to make great connections within the wider music industry and refine their performance and communication skills.

“To be a part of BIGSOUND gives an extended platform to assist us in our personal and professional development.” 

Their ultimate goal as artists is to share their music with an audience of listeners who will connect with the songs they craft. The Yorke Band are also hoping to take on feedback from those at BIGSOUND 2020 in an effort to improve their future recordings and fine-tune the exciting productions already in the pipe-line to round out the year.



The Yorke Band are an Australian independent trio hailing from the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. With a passion for music, brothers Caleb and Zakari Raymond along with Zac Butler write songs confronting major social issues that are faced by young people of their community. Some of the topics touched in their repertoire include depression, substance abuse, broken family structures and the search for identity.

Since forming in 2015, The Yorke Band have been refining their skills in an effort to present their extensive list of very personal songs to their growing fan base. The band has been described as percussively full and interesting with rolling basslines. This is complemented by smooth guitar chops and a gentle and melodic voice that becomes a powerful projection to match their dynamic style. In 2019 the band released their first two tracks, ‘Yerra-Pindi’ and ‘Will I Be’, which have received an outstanding response.