Brisbane, QLD

#Meet Sycco

Brisbane's 19 year old Sash McLeod, aka Sycco, occupies a lane of her own. “I love writing and producing, playing, hustling, just LOVE it all.”

The one-two punches of last year's releases 'Peacemaker' and 'Nicotine' left fans woozy and wanting more, with the latter nabbing her a feature as Apple Music's New Artist of the Week and an appearance on the cover of Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist. The singer-songwriter-producer's latest single, 'Dribble', cements her place as a triple-threat on the rise, with its driving drumbeat, soaring guitar riff and signature insouciant vocals.

“I want everyone to experience Sycco World!”

“I'm super excited about the unknown and I think that comes out in my music. I never know what sort of sound is going to come out when I start writing and find having no expectation allows the most random things to just happen.” At her live shows, Sash invites her audience to immerse themselves in ‘Sycco World’, where a mixture of psychedelic and pop sensibilities combine to delight the senses. “Performing music has [a kind] of euphoria attached to it, same as when you watch it - I’m definitely addicted to it.”

Embracing the unknown has set Sash in good stead this year. “It’s sort of exciting to know that nobody knows what’s next!! … We are all in this together and figuring it out as we go.” While travel restrictions have been in place, she’s been using Zoom to collaborate on songs - she reckons that people are more at ease in their own homes. “I’ve met and connected with some of the best people this year doing them!” 

Featured at BIGSOUND for the second year in a row, Sash is keen to make the most of the experience. “BIGSOUND is the best week of the year, I feel so lucky and grateful that this will be my second time attending.” On her vision board: a spot at Coachella, the chance to work with the artists she adores, overseas touring… “World domination, as I say.” In 10 years time, she hopes she’ll have the same amount of love towards music and that she never gets bored.



Sycco is 19 year old Sash McLeod, an Australian singer-songwriter-producer on the rise, thanks to her colourful, pop-infused neo-soul, standout voice and droll turn of phrase. She shared single ‘Peacemaker’ last November to an immediately positive response from fans, media and DSPs alike. Support for follow up single ‘Nicotine’ was stronger still, and Sycco appeared on the cover of Spotify’s New Music Friday and Front Left playlists and was made Apple Music’s New Artist of the Week, while receiving adds at triple j and alt radio in her native country and plenty of international interest.

In new single ‘Dribble’, a driving drum beat, huge guitar riff and burn-him-down lyrics combine in another addictive recording from Sycco. Produced by Ed Quinn, and released through renowned agent Tom Windish’s singles label Wilder, ‘Dribble’ is another exciting moment from a young artist in a lane of her own.