Southeast Desert Metal

Santa Teresa (Ltyentye Apurte), NT

#About Southeast Desert Metal

The “most isolated metal band in the world” join #TheBIGSOUND50 in 2020. Chris Wallace (Vocals/Guitar), Gavin Hayes (Lead Guitar), Kerry Bird (Bass), and Robert Wallace (Drums) hail from Ltyntye Apurte (Santa Teresa) community which is about 70kms from Alice Springs, comprising of only 500 people. After a decade of playing together, BIGSOUND is the next chapter in their long and winding narrative. 

When you listen to Southeast Desert Metal you’ll hear about their culture and dreaming. The band's choice of genre was born from being sick of “all the reggae bands in the bush.” The guys have toured all over Australia numerous times and they’re currently recording their third album which they’re looking forward to releasing and taking on tourand sharing their “message to the world.”

“I grew up in the desert, learning Dreamtime stories from my Auntie, listening to Iron Maiden, ACDC and Black Sabbath. I always wanted to play like my idols. I started the band when some younger fellas in the community started wanting to play a heavier sound too. Music is a way to connect with people and share a message.” - Chris Wallace

The band are excited to play at BIGSOUND 2020 because they want to get their music and message out there. Playing BIGSOUND is a step in their ultimate journey to play the biggest festivals in the country and eventually the world. All they can ask for is to keep writing songs, releasing music, and getting their music out there to those who listen. And despite everything that has happened this year they say that “music will always be there no matter what.” A sentiment that everyone should keep in mind.



The deserts of central Australia are a dry and brutal place. Temperatures can soar above 50 degrees in the summer and drop below zero in the winter. The earth is scorched red. This is the home of the Arrernte people.

The most isolated metal band in the world, Southeast Desert Metal, are from Santa Teresa, a small community in central Australia. They've developed a sound that reflects their surroundings: dynamic and distinct. Chief songwriter Chris Wallace writes about Aboriginal culture and dreaming, passing on stories from the old to the young generation.

With two acclaimed albums under their belt, the band have performed to sold out crowds around Australia: from dusty desert communities to the main stage at revered festivals. Now, on the eve of their third album, the Eagle is ready to spread its wings across the globe.