Melbourne, VIC


After producing music for just a year and a half, Melbourne-based SOPHIYA is a rising star in the rap game accelerating at an earth-shattering pace. Inspired by the likes of Azealia Banks, Nicki Minaj and Destiny’s Child, her braggadocious bars ooze with confidence and queer energy that’s earned her a place in the 50 highest streamed Australian rappers of the past years.

“Bad bitch energy is always my category.” 

SOPHIYA turned to making music during “a tough turning point” in her life, experimenting with different sounds in her home studio. “With no expectations, experience or knowledge, I [dropped] 'White Ivory', and the rest is history.” Her dark, ominous sound pulls elements from rap, R&B and pop, switching up the vibe depending on the mood of the track. 

Live, SOPHIYA performs with all engines blazing. “[My show] is sure to get the crowd moving from the first drop.” She dreams of modelling future performances after “the greats, like Missy Elliot”, with local dance crews joining the party.

Releasing her debut EP in early October, SOPHIYA joins #TheBIGSOUND50 in top form. During the conference, she hopes to connect with potential collaborators - both industry and artists. 

“I am so grateful to be on this exciting journey… Growing up, I never had the resources or support I needed to realise my potential. Showcasing that for the youth would be a dream come true.”

Long-term, she’d like to front her own indie label, “as well as a creative space for music artists, dancers & visuals artists.”

While 2020 has been tough for artists, SOPHIYA knows the power of music as a uniting force. “[It] spreads positive energy wherever it goes.”

“It's inevitable with the state of the world that this is going to be an up-and-down roller coaster for everyone, however music will always connect and hold us through these times. That's what makes me positive about the future of music.”



In 2018, an underground Melbourne artist uploaded a song to triple j Unearthed and unknowingly burst onto the Australian hip hop scene. SOPHIYA, with her debut single ‘White Ivory’, caught the attention of tastemakers and new fans, kickstarting an exciting new journey in music ahead. In 2019, she shared stages with the likes of GENESIS OWUSU and appeared on triple j’s Bars of Steel and Red Bull Music’s 64 Bars series. She’s received love from MTV Call and Response Hip-Hop and Acclaim Magazine, as well as rave reviews on triple j Unearthed from the likes of Declan Byrne, Tommy Faith and Zan Rowe. Sitting on over 645K streams on Spotify and reaching #8 on the Australian Viral 50 chart, ‘White Ivory’ was just the beginning and now with ‘Rosie,’ 'Chief O' Kief' and Lingo, she’s back to finish what she started.