Memphis LK

Melbourne, VIC

#About Memphis LK

Memphis LK is a Melbourne artist-producer-DJ making electronic music with depth and sparkle. “I started producing when I was about 20 - I was getting really into Detroit and Chicago house producers like Omar S, Larry Heard & Moodymann, and I also loved experimental electronic artists like Nicolas Jaar, James Blake, DJ Koze and Four Tet. I’m currently big into all the UK club stuff - breakbeat, garage, bass, 2-step and I grew up on 90s-00s soul, pop and RnB, so all these elements fuse together in my music.”

Pre-COVID, her live show consisted of her running a track, synth and launchpad through Ableton, accompanied by her vocals and a soprano sax, if she’s feeling it. “I feel the most like myself when I’m writing, creating and performing.”

“There’s no plan B. It’s scary, but I feel like giving myself the option of a plan B will only put doubt in my head. I’m an avid believer that if you want something enough and you’re prepared to work hard and commit everything to it, it’s going to work.”

As part of #TheBIGSOUND50, she’s hoping to connect with industry folk off-shore so she can find new audiences to connect with her music. “I’d love to connect with international publishers and record labels. Being a newer artist, a publishing deal would be really helpful to me as it will help push my music to a wider audience as well as ensure I have enough cash flow to finish off my current album.”

When she’s not performing, Memphis runs DJ workshops for aspiring female and gender diverse artists in Melbourne. “I want to inspire and connect people. I want to bridge a gap between underground dance music and more mainstream pop and be a role model to other female/non-binary artists/producers.” As a champion of the local scene, she’s seen the silver lining in border closures this year. “Having closed borders for the indefinite future will mean having 100% local lineups, which will be great for the local music scene and less established Australian artists.”

“When live music, club nights and festivals do eventually return, everyone’s going to be so ready and excited that they will just go off. There’s a newfound appreciation for live music, which is something we’ve been due for for a long time.”



Memphis LK is a Melbourne/Narrm-based artist, producer, vocalist and DJ.

Memphis fell in sync with electronic music in her late teens, teaching herself Ableton and eventually combining early soul, pop and RnB influences with her love of underground electro, UKG, 2-step and breakbeat. The versatile performing artist/DJ has paved her way within the Melbourne club music massive, twisting parties with the likes of DJ Koze and Ms Boogie.

Memphis’ independent single ‘Speak Honestly’ launched the self-produced artist/DJ into her solo career in 2019, landing her a record deal with Remote Control Records (Dot Dash). Her second single 'Roses', gained support from DSP’s, triple j and triple j Unearthed, naming her Unearthed feature artist in February 2020. ‘Green Light’ was Memphis’ first offering of 2020 - a powerhouse bass-driven anthem that comes with an endearing homemade video created inside her apartment during isolation.