Melbourne, VIC


“I imagine that I connect with the crowd through universal experiences and emotions - our shared humanity.” 

Kee’ahn’s music is a statement in her mission to heal and connect, serving what she describes as ‘dreamy soul food’. A proud Kuku Yalanji, Jirrbal, Zenadth Kes (Torres Strait Islander) songbird from Gurambilbarra (Townsville) North Queensland, Kee’ahn has recently relocated to Naarm (Melbourne), finding herself in a strong music community amongst Victorians and the Koori community. Her name derives from a Wik word meaning 'to dance, to play' which is understandably fitting once you’ve seen her intimate and purposeful live experience.

Despite having spent the last five years developing her sound and mastering her craft, Kee’ahn has only recently offered her debut single ‘Better Things’ to much acclaim, winning the Archie Roach Foundation Award at the 2020 NIMAs and securing a nomination for best emerging artist at the 2020 Music Victoria Awards. Joining #TheBIGSOUND50, Kee’ahn is focusing on gauging interest from booking agents and labels, as well as those with shared values.

Music has been an empowering tool for Kee’ahn to assist on her mental health journey, used to help overcome her anxiety and depression, as well as working to heal those around her. Creating music has also inspired her to look towards mentoring other emerging First Nations musicians, particularly those in regional and remote areas.

“I'm inspired by my ancestors and my future descendants. I want healing and justice! I also hope that my vulnerability can help to create change and perhaps even uplift communities - after all, people can't be what they can't see.”

Long term, Kee’ahn wants to understand all facets of the industry. Building and engaging an international audience, connecting with other songwriters and producers to refine her skills and eventually self-produce her own body of work are all on her list of aspirations.

Kee’ahn has found that the COVID environment has helped unearth and better promote a wave of the country’s First Nations talent. “#TheBIGSOUND50 is testament to the diversity of talent that exists. In the post-COVID world, I hope the industry continues to embrace diversity and inclusion. I am positive about the increasing profile and opportunities for Queer and Trans People of Colour in the industry.” With more music on the way, Kee’ahn is sure to continue to make waves in each area of the industry she graces.


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Kee’ahn is a proud Gugu Yalanji, Jirrbal, Zenadh Kes songwoman. She ventured from her home town in North Queensland to pursue her dream in the Kulin Nation (Melbourne, Australia). With a name coming from the Wik people, meaning to dance, to sing, to play, Kee’ahn aims to honour her name and Ancestors through her soulful music that weaves lush melodies and words reminiscent of heartbreak and healing. The release of her debut single ‘Better Things’ in May rocketed her to national music attention.