Tweed Heads, NSW

#About JK-47

From Tweed Heads, NSW, 22-year-old Bundjalung rapper Jacob Paulson, aka JK-47, has been making music for almost a decade.

“I don't know what it's like to be in the crowd at one of my shows but the response I get after I exit the stage makes me feel like I connected with everyone and I'm always so grateful for that.”

Once upon a time, he did it for the love of it, and for “the respect of rapping dope bars”. Now, he knows he needs to use his voice and platform“for those who feel unheard”. Inspired by God, his family and his fans, he hopes he can guide others through his lyrics and act as a good leader for those orbiting his music. JK-47 believes that “Speaking positivity and shining light on things that are often overlooked today in society.”

All you need to do is look to his debut release ‘Made For This’ and you’ll find 10 tracks filled to the brim with heavy and charged social commentary as well as a rocksteady base of love and support for his family and friends.

“[I want to] be a positive role model for my family and give them someone to look up to. And hopefully get to speak my message of the need for change to the world.”

Whilst this is JK-47’s debut a BIGSOUND lineup, even as part of #TheBIGSOUND50, he’s no stranger to the festival. ”I'm excited to be a part of BIGSOUND. I remember playing with Nerve last year. He brought me up to perform Sunday Roast with him and it was such a dope experience.” JK-47’s open on the fact that he’s “not too excited about this whole COVID thing, except for when the gigs are back on.” But as much as the industry evolves and artists come and go, JK-47 is staying shooting straight and pulling no punches.

“I just gotta focus on me and my mission.”



At the age of fourteen, JK-47 began writing rhymes and rapping. Over the years his name has become all too familiar, not just on home turf in the shire of Tweed, but also right across the Australian hip-hop landscape.

If he’s not in the studio with his ‘ECB’ brothers or spreading positivity with his ‘Kinship Collective’ (JK’s culturally focused band) you can usually catch him beachside working on new vibes with the ‘Gratis Minds’ boys. His ability to put pen to pad and produce timeless lyrics, painting pictures with his music, is second to none.

Having already worked with artists the likes of Nerve, ChillinIt and Lemaire you can’t deny JK-47 is well on the right path for a bright future. The man is on a mission to touch the hearts and minds of those not just his home country, but all around the world. A mission he will achieve.