Jess Day

Adelaide, SA

#About Jess Day

“If my music can make even one person feel understood and like their feelings are valid - I’ll keep doing it.”

Jess Day’s moody, hooky pop is more than meets the eye. The Adelaide artist has been dropping earworm singles for two years now with a high-energy guitar-driven rock show for the lucky punters who catch her on stage. Day’s penchant for strong and emotive songwriting is backed by a love for connecting with her audience on a personal level.

“I strive to write as honestly as possible, using the best hook as a vessel for whatever message I feel is worth getting across. I like songs that on first listen are just catchy but on later listens, are harbouring a specific message that hits home.” 

Day’s slot in #TheBIGSOUND50 is well earned, but she notes that “it’s really validating to be selected, particularly in an even smaller group of artists than usual, amidst the wealth of talent we have in the Australian music scene at the moment.” Day hopes to use BIGSOUND to lock in some international bookers and publishers to take her music overseas as soon as she gets the chance to.

Day has plans for recording and releasing a debut record in her sights, wanting to get her music out to as many people as possible whilst maintaining a sound that’s authentic to her. Given the chance, she’s working to someday make it onto stages at Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds Festival, sharing stages with the wealth of indie-rock talent in the UK and beyond.

Despite the difficulties that 2020 has posed on the music community, Jess Day has high hopes for the future of live music. “I’m looking forward to the new eyes and ears that we’re all going to be witnessing live music through. It’s something beautiful and captivating that simply cannot be replaced and I think will be appreciated as such once we’re back to playing shows.”



Jess Day is a 21 year old singer-songwriter from Adelaide, South Australia. She grew up in the isolated mining town of Roxby Downs. A shift to city living in her pre-teens caused feelings of nostalgia and loneliness to arise and she found solace in the company of her favourite music.

The buzz around Day began in earnest after the release of her debut single, ‘Why is She So Beautiful?’, which gained her the coveted spot of Feature Artist on triple j Unearthed. Since then her songs ‘Rabbit Hole’ and ‘Signals’ received full rotation on triple j and were featured on Spotify’s most noteworthy playlists. She hit Top 15 most played Australian artists across all radio for multiple weeks with ‘Affection’. The infectious tune peaked at #5 on the Shazam Discovery Chart and made the Top 10 triple j Most Played list. Her snowballing success recently collimated in a sold-out headline tour.