Sydney, NSW

#About Hauskey

Multi-instrumentalist Hauskey’s debut single may be titled ‘Slow’, but his ascent to the top of the Australian music scene looks to be anything but. Originally from Perth, Hauskey’s musical journey started when his Mum booked his first piano lesson when he was three and he “hasn’t really done anything else since.” Hauskey’s work forges his love for RnB, funk and jazz sounds and ties in the storytelling elements that he’s picked up from a deep respect for pop and folk.

“When you do everything yourself, it’s easy to keep motivated, because there’s always something new to learn; whether it’s a new plugin, new ways of mixing, new chords, or just the day-to-day writing and producing. In saying so, I consider myself a songwriter first and foremost, so all the technical perfection in the world means nothing to me unless there’s a compelling story and song at the heart of it.”

Whilst signing to Republic/Polydor and sitting amongst a roster of some of his favourite artists, Hauskey is happiest when he’s making music in his home studio. “I’m addicted to writing and creating, so as long as I get to do that every day, I feel like I’m already living the dream. In 10 years, I’d love to be touring half the year, and writing the other half.”  

As a part of #TheBIGSOUND50, Hauskey is excited to be amongst the pool of emerging talent on offer. “BIGSOUND is a rite of passage in the Australian music industry, so for me it’s a huge honour to be involved. While it would be great to be able to play some shows at the traditional event, this is a very close second. I’m pretty excited to check out the other 49 BIGSOUND artists as well.”

With 2020 posing some of the biggest challenges for the music industry in recent history, Hauskey is looking at the ways the industry can rebuild and re-emerge. “I think it’s a good time to work out how we can make touring greener. I would love to see an end to predatory men getting away with vile behaviour. I hope the industry puts practical measures in place to ensure everyone can feel safe. Music is tough enough as it is.” 

“Some of the hardest times in history gave us the best music we have, so from an artistic perspective, I’m optimistic.”



Andy Hopkins (AKA Hauskey) writes, performs and produces his records, and whilst this heralds his first audacious steps, Hauskey has led a colourful musical life that already reads like a low-budget arthouse film script.

Born in remote Helena Valley in Western Australia, Hauskey picked up the music bug early. He first sat down at a piano at 3 years old, was busking at the local markets at 12, studied the guitar and vocals at John Curtin, audio and production at SAE and Jazz performance at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

His debut single ‘Slow’ has already racked up heavy rotation, with the likes of triple j and BBC Radio 1 showing it impressive support. A song that whistles between your ears and lodges firmly in the cranium. First released with Neon Records, the track’s journey then spread globally signing with Republic/Polydor Records.