Adelaide, SA

#About colourblind

After bonding over their passion for the same bands in high school, Adelaide’s colourblind was formed. “We wanted to write songs that we ourselves would listen to and love, and it’s resulted in a sound that falls somewhere along the punk-rock-emo spectrum.” With tight, high-energy live shows, Finn, Jayden, Ben and Bernadette “want to make the audience feel like they’re included in the fun that’s happening up on stage.”

“We love the community in Adelaide that we came up through. Continuing to support and engage with the scene is really important to us.” 

As their presence on the national stage grows - after slots supporting the likes of Bugs, Grinspoon, Polish Club, Horror my Friend, These New South Whales and Sweater Curse - the band are enjoying the process of pushing the boundaries of their creative abilities and skill sets. “Experimenting with different writing strategies, keeping each other on our toes and learning about ourselves and each other as musicians is really fulfilling.”

Fresh off the release of their latest single, ‘Seatbelt’, the band hope they’ll be able to “keep writing and releasing music that means something to people, and playing shows that are an extension of that feeling”. It’s their dream to build a strong fanbase they can regularly tour for. 

Joining #TheBIGSOUND50 in 2020, colourblind are looking for a booking agent to help them continue their quest to take the country by storm. “We have a manager, and we feel a strong booking agent is the last piece of the puzzle for us to complete so we can move forward with a strong team into our next release cycle. Getting our name out to new people in new cities is something that we’re really excited to have the opportunity to do at BIGSOUND this year.”



Colourblind are the perfect example of the emotionally charged, soundtrack-to-your-life tunes that resonate deeply with kids growing up and finding their feet. There was no signs of slowing down after the release of colourblind’s debut EP ‘Move Like You’ in 2018, with feature tracks ‘Water’ and ‘Move Like You’ kicking listeners in the guts with raw, emotive stories behind each track. The release followed with a string of supports with Grinspoon, Clowns, Bugs, TOWNS, These New South Whales, Good Boy and Carb on Carb (NZ). colourblind’s latest release ‘Seatbelt’ depicts feelings of being trapped. Your emotions and thoughts crumbling around you, like a car would in a sudden impact. Like a match made in heaven, colourblind will be joining Slowly Slowly on a national tour with rescheduled dates in 2021. See you at a show, screaming your lungs out to your next favourite band.