Bow and Arrow

Sydney, NSW


“We have no choice. Music is what we live for.”

Sydney’s electro-soul duo Bow and Arrow live “inside a big love bubble”, which they invite audiences to experience as they build songs together. Monster vocals are complemented by a plethora of both modern and traditional instruments, all played by the band themselves. Their songs feature “tribal rhythms with electro beats, funky guitars, weird gadgets, live sampling, looping… and a whole lot of heart” earning them praise from the likes of Howl and Echoes and ABC National. 

The esoteric multi-instrumentalists love to play live, where they spread a message of bravery, freedom, love and connection. “We crave playing our music in front of an audience and we love connecting with like-minded souls.”

As part of #TheBIGSOUND50, Bow and Arrow hope to connect with people who will be inspired by their message, collaborate with other artists and find ways to market their sound and image. “We also want to create long lasting relationships with people and companies that know how to present a strong live band.” With a debut album in the works, their sights are firmly set on the international stage - the trio dream of playing festival stages across the world when restrictions permit. 

They remain optimistic for the future of the music industry, post-pandemic. 

“Just as you may think the phoenix dies in the ashes, she rises. And so will we. Our scene will come back with a vengeance. People will have worked up such a hunger for live music there will be great demand at venues and live gigs. As people isolate in their houses, music continues to be a connector throughout the world and our lives.”


The Sydney Morning HeraldFirst Nations in the house for Reconciliation Week

Sat 30 May 2020

TimeoutBow and Arrow

Tue 26 May 2020



Eccentric First Nations trio Bow and Arrow hail from sensational Sydney. As multi-instrumentalists Bow and Arrow have created an exciting and unique live show where they invite the audience to another dimension, as they build their complex electro-soul songs on instrument stations across the stage. Audiences can expect massive vibe, monster vocals, tribal rhythms with jungle and electro beats, funky guitars, weird gadgets, modern and traditional instruments, live sampling, looping, language and a whole lot of heart! Presenting a strong live show unlike any vibe you've ever seen before - their set is not to be missed. “We made a vow to always present a strong live show that’s entertaining, energetic and fun. With strong experimental elements we aim to deliver something left of centre” - Bow and Arrow.