Wallington, VIC

#About Beans

Geelong quintet Beans have been making music together since high school, when they started jamming for something to do together as mates.

“That’s a huge part of what keeps us playing. Being able to be with each other and be a part of something we can share with everyone is huge.” 

After appearances at Loch Hart Festival and New Year’s Evie, as well as a support slot on a King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard tour, they’ve quickly found a larger audience for their spaced-out, organ-heavy psych rock. Their latest album, All Together Now, was released in June and recorded on an old apple and pear farm’s cool room, converted into a home studio. The record is a modern take on the expansive rock of the 60s and 70. Beans take their listeners on a nostalgic trip back to a time when they were in love with the world, when the radio was always playing in the background. 

While the shutdown this year has put most artist’s plans on pause, Beans have been glad to have a little extra downtime to work on their craft. “People unashamedly sharing and expressing music that might not have otherwise seen the light of day has been an exciting and enjoyable shift.” When border restrictions ease, the band is “really keen to tour overseas... as well as support bigger artists in Australia, and play [the country’s] best festivals. We'd be excited to meet anyone who can help us make that happen.”



The Geelong-based quintet are following up from their debut effort Babble (2018), described by Flightless as “serve of organ-driven garage-psych that’ll burn the roof of your mouth”.

Recorded in Wallington, Victoria where most of the band live, (an old apple and pear farm cool room that has been converted into home studio) ‘All Together Now’ is a 9-track offering that captures the kinetic energy of a band who have made their name through the intensity of their live performances, including festival appearances at the coveted psych odyssey; Gizzfest, New Year’s Evie and Loch Hart festivals, as well as King Gizzard tour support.

Beans are inspired by the unfurling song-writing of bands like Electric Light Orchestra, Slade and Skyhooks – specimens of the monstrous rock sound of the late 60s and early 70s – groups that had the ability to indulge themselves sonically without taking themselves too seriously.

And what do the band hope to impart on their audiences? A nostalgic nod to times past, when we were “still in love with the world, with the radio on”.