Melbourne, VIC

#About Bad/Love

“We want to wave the flag for Australian alternative music and show people just what we can do.”

Formed in 2019, Melbourne heavy-outfit Bad/Love can’t picture life without their band - at some point, they’ve all taken up other pursuits, but every path has led them back to creating music. The four-piece wear their influences on their sleeve - their first EP, ‘SIOIS’, drips with nostalgia for the 00’s emo music that bonded the band in the first place. A year on, they’ve fused their “beloved emo” sound with stadium rock, metal and nu-metal elements. “We love big venues and festivals, so we write music made to be best enjoyed in these settings.”

Joining this year’s #TheBIGSOUND50 cohort, Bad/Love want to show the industry what they are capable of. “We want to share our vision. We want to show all those mighty movers and shakers in the industry this music we love so much. We want to show them why we should be pushing heavy music in Australia.”

As a band, Bad/Love hope they’ll be known for the atmosphere they create at their live performances - think theatrics, pyrotechnics and epic lighting displays - as well as the amazing culture around them. They want to be champions of alternative music in Australia, “mentoring artists with similar dreams to help grow our community” in the future. And while 2020 has been undeniably tough on their members, Bad/Love are big believers in the resilience of live music. “Now is the time we can revolutionise our industry, support it deeply and cherish it.”



Bad/Love was conceived in early 2019 out of a shared love of the eminent emotional rock groups of the early 00’s - the founding members set out to usher in a renaissance of the sound with a modern gloss and a sharpened edge.

The upcoming EP’s first single ‘DMU’ has garnered tremendous praise and widespread success across all streaming platforms, showcasing the bands talent on an international scale.

Bad/Love members are Landon Kirk (Vocals), Lachlan Monty (Guitars), Zac Noble (Bass) and Alex Trail (Drums). No strangers to the Australian music scene, the band consists of past and current members of bands such as Make Them Suffer, Storm The Sky, Like Royals and more. Many years of sharing the stage as friends have afforded Bad/Love an electrical chemistry that bolsters their performance.