Melbourne, VIC


ASHWARYA (ash-waa-ree-ya) may just be the new Queen of the beat switch. The Melbourne-based 21 year old muso has revealed a distinct new sound to add to the Australian pop circuit, describing her own music as ‘darkly romantic’ and ‘emotive but icy.’ Raised on a healthy diet of Bollywood hits and noughties RnB and pop, ASHWARYA’s making brooding pop beats on her own terms. What’s even more exciting is that ASHWARYA is yet to make her live debut.

 “It’s definitely not going to be a conventional live performance once things open up! I'd love to be able to combine my lives with the fashion world to create an 'ASHWARYA' aesthetic.”

Joining #TheBIGSOUND50 as such a fresh artist, ASHWARYA is looking to connect with other creatives as well as gain insight as to where she can grow as an artist. For the moment, ASHWARYA has been drawn in by everyone ‘creating raw content from your home’, as well as the rapid growth of everyone’s new most frequented app, TikTok. “I have never seen music travel so quickly and so widely where artists become global sensations overnight. Definitely a very intriguing and game-changing way of getting music out there for people to discover.”

But ultimately, back-to-back pop firecrackers is just the start of ASHWARYA’s endeavours. “I would like to see myself having made lots of music that I can look back on and be really proud of. To have had the opportunity to collaborate with incredible artists and to tour around the world! I also want to be able to dive into other creative mediums like fashion, film, designing clothes. I want to have my own brand one day!” 

With new music on the horizon, ASHWARYA is coming for your emotions. “Apart from the fact that music is what I love the most, it's knowing that you can impact others by making them feel something when they hear the music. Big or small, like or dislike. Anything really. But just for them to feel a sense of connection with an emotion or experience. That's what inspires me to keep going every day. All I want to do is convey a feeling. No matter what it is.”


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Nov 2020

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Tue 15 Sep 2020
Photo by Gadir Rajab.



In ASHWARYA’s world, nothing is as it seems. The 21 year old Indian-born Melbourne native is a musician whose primary instruments are smoke and mirrors, whose dominant language is surprise and unpredictability. In ASHWARYA’s music, every left turn is met with a trap-door; her sound traverses rap and pop, bhangra drumming and RnB trilling. Pop music is filled with supposed innovators, but said innovators pale in comparison to the head-spinning delights of ASHWARYA’s debut singles, each worlds unto themselves. Suffusing the sound of Gen Z with grit and glamour, ASHWARYA is a weird and witty new voice in a scene desperate for one, an ascendant star desperate to f*ck with the world around her. Give ASHWARYA three minutes of your time, and she can change pretty much everything you think you know about modern pop.