Wollongong, NSW

#About Aodhan

Aodhan may be a relatively new name in the Australian music scene having released his first self-produced singles only last year, but he’s been making tunes for a very long time. The Albion Park singer/songwriter has been playing guitar since he was five, and took up the piano when he was nine before putting pen to paper way back in 2016. Last year, Aodhan was crowned the winner of the triple j Unearthed High Indigenous Initiative. 

“I make music because I love it. I've grown up in a really musical family. My dad is also a songwriter and performer and he's a music teacher. I got into the production side of things listening to electronic music and wanting to create my own so just taught myself how to record at home in my bedroom.”

Aodhan’s looking forward to stepping back onto the stage, having recently gathered a 5 piece band to bring his warm indie-pop gems to life. But in the meantime, he’s been keeping busy in Zoom songwriting sessions and connecting with those discovering his music for the first time. “The music community has really come together during this time and have found other ways to connect with fans.” And once the live music world is back on its feet again, Aodhan is keen to make the most of it by “making music my career and having people really resonate with my music. Touring around the world, supporting my favourite bands, producing music for other artists.” All at the ripe age of 16, we have a feeling that Aodhan’s only just getting started.



Releasing his first self-produced singles in 2019, 16 year old Dharawal singer-songwriter Aodhan (Aidan Whitehall) was honoured to win triple j’s Unearthed High Indigenous Initiative 2019 with his coastal folk flavoured ‘When Your Eyes Speak’. Taking influence from a huge range of writers, genres and eras in music Aodhan fuses heartfelt writing with soulful musicality.

Aodhan has gone on to release four more singles over 2019 and 2020 with radio rotation, 5 star reviews and has recently signed to Communion Publishing and a spot in triple j Unearthed High top 5 finalists.

Aodhan has major playlist additions and has a collective of 1.2 million streams and has built an audience from all around the world.