Adam Newling

Cronulla, NSW

#About Adam Newling

Hailing from South of Sydney, Adam Newling is the newest cowboy on the ranch. With a voice of gravel and penchant for a squealing slide guitar, Newling has been making music as long as he can remember. Having spent the past few years cutting his teeth as touring guitarist for Ruby Fields, Adam is taking his sound solo. “I’d love to call myself a crooning country singer but that’d probably differ depending on who you ask.” 

“My live shows are great, trust me. It's a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I’ve got a song for everything you could possibly think of feeling.”

With an undeniable authenticity as well as songwriting chops that can charm you senseless or break your heart at the drop of a hat, Newling is confident that music is where he’s destined to be. “It's the only thing I know how to do. The stage is my happy place. Writing and singing just makes so much sense to me. Songs have shaped my entire life and well-being and it's a crazy thought to think that my music could possibly have some sort of impact on someone else's.”

Joining #TheBIGSOUND50, Newling is “just stoked to make some new friends. I'm really happy to be selected to be a part of BIGSOUND, it's an iconic event for Australian music.” When the time, comes, there’s no doubt audiences should take any chance they get to catch Newling live, as they might not get the chance to if his star continues to rise. “My ultimate goal is to continue making music forever. I want to see the world while singing songs. I'd love to one day be living in Nashville with my partner and my dog.



Raised in Cronulla born to first-generation Greek mother and Aussie father, Adam Newling is an alternative artist who utilises country sensibilities and eclectic knowledge of sound in his music to unprecedented effect. With big dreams of one day performing in the heart of Nashville, he has arrived to light up our hearts, guitar in hand.

Newling has taken this driving passion for music and has taken it onto the road, playing with a vast range of wonderfully talented folks such as the inimitable Ruby Fields, who have taught him lessons that he will take with him forever. Now, he is more ready than ever to endeavour on his very own debut project, making songs that feel unabashedly special, and overwhelmingly urgent.