Eastbound Buzz release 'Wednesday Night' Acoustic EP

Fresh from the #TheBIGSOUND50, Melbourne's Eastbound Buzz have released their intimate and detailed “Wednesday Night” EP, revealing a stripped back and raw side from Eastbound Buzz. Recorded on the last Wednesday Night before the second lockdown in Melbourne, Eastbound Buzz recorded live 6 songs which grip you from the outset.

The six tracks offer a different take from Eastbound Buzz's more heavy rock leaning tracks, stripping back 'Red Rover' and 'Lost In The Shuffle' along with and the lead track 'Surrender' which was co-written with fellow #TheBIGSOUND50 artist Shannen James and sees James on backing vocal duties. A cover of Don Henley's 'Boys of Summer' shows exactly what lead singer Phegan's vocals can do at their essence. The EP is capped off by the beautifully and delicately styled 'Dreams End'.  

"It was recorded in one night, Wednesday Night at Fight Night Studios in Abbotsford. A few of them are songs I have been sitting on for a while and I thought lent themselves to this style of recording. Red Rover and Lost in the Shuffle are songs we usually play with the full band but stripped back. Every song was done in one or two takes with only one or two overdubs added afterwards. We wanted it to feel raw and like a live, intimate performance with the songwriting speaking for itself. As a collection of songs, the EP is about a long term relationship coming undone and the few things I did to try and keep it together... with Boys of Summer thrown in for good measure."

Lead Singer, Jarryn Phegan

#Listen to "Wednesday Night" EP

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