The Yorke Band

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The Yorke Band are an Australian independent trio hailing from the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. With a passion for music, brothers Caleb and Zakari Raymond along with Zac Butler write songs confronting major social issues that are faced by young people of their community. Some of the topics touched in their repertoire include depression, substance abuse, broken family structures and the search for identity. 

Since forming in 2015, The Yorke Band have been refining their skills in an effort to present their extensive list of very personal songs to their growing fan base. The band has been described as percussively full and interesting with rolling bass lines. This is complemented by smooth guitar chops and a gentle and melodic voice that becomes a powerful projection to match their dynamic style.

In 2019 the band released their first two tracks, ‘Yerra-Pindi’ and ‘Will I Be’, which have received an outstanding response.

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Photography Credits:
The Yorke Band; Yirgjhilya; First Nations House Artwork - Dylan Mooney