Squid Nebula

BIGSOUND First Nations House

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Squid Nebula are a Melbourne-based collective performing a soulful manipulation of disco and jazz with complementing dub textures that have been lighting up dancefloors since their beginnings in 2014. 

Fronted by the ever-hypnotic Bumpy, and supported by one of Melbourne’s tightest and most idiosyncratic rhythm sections, Squid Nebula’s live show is an electrifying, soulful trip that has led the band to performances at Strawberry Fields and St. Kilda Festival. 

Their new EP 'Connectivity' is a celebration of the way human beings interact, form bonds and long for them when they are taken away. 'Connectivity' also represents a common ground in Squid Nebula’s collective influences that falls somewhere between soul, disco, jazz and psychedelia.

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Photography Credits:
Squid Nebula; Sycco; First Nations House Artwork - Dylan Mooney