Nerve Damage

BIGSOUND First Nations House

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Nerve Damage are a band from Yugambeh/Bundjalung. Immersed in the DIY backgrounds of Australian punk/hardcore/heavy music, they have come together to speak up and out about issues close to home. Forming in 2015, and releasing demos not too long after, Nerve Damage managed to secure a string of international supports from the get-go, which led to a run of interstate shows. Following this, Nerve Damage created their first ‘Close the Gap’ tape with fellow Brisbane band Manhunt. This set them down the steady path of music with a message.

After a quieter year or two in between to concentrate on other projects, Nerve Damage have been flat out recording and playing to the acclaim of their peers for the last few years, and don't show any signs of slowing down. 

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Photography Credits:
Nerve Damage; Oetha; First Nations House Artwork - Dylan Mooney