BIGSOUND First Nations House

Presented with Spotify

At the age of fourteen, JK-47 began writing rhymes and rapping. Over the years his name has become all too familiar, not just on home turf in the shire of Tweed, but also right across the Australian hip-hop landscape. 

If he’s not in the studio with his ‘ECB’ brothers or spreading positivity with his ‘Kinship Collective’ (JK’s culturally focused band), you can catch him beachside working on new vibes with the ‘Gratis Minds’ boys. His ability to put pen to pad and produce timeless lyrics, painting pictures with his music, is second to none.

Having already worked with artists including Nerve, ChillinIt and Lemaire, you can’t deny JK-47 is well on the right path for a bright future. He’s a man on a mission: to touch the hearts and minds of those not just his home country, but all around the world. 

After releasing his debut ‘Made For This’, JK-47 has been featured in a range of Spotify’s local hip-hop playlists, including its flagship A1, The Drip, Beats n’ Bars, and Local Hype. His monthly listeners currently sit at 67,000 on Spotify.

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#BIGSOUND First Nations House presented with Spotify

Photography Credits:
JK-47; Kee-ahn; First Nations House Artwork - Dylan Mooney