Bow and Arrow

BIGSOUND First Nations House

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Eccentric First Nations trio Bow and Arrow hail from sensational Sydney. As multi-instrumentalists, Bow and Arrow have created an exciting and unique live show where they invite the audience to another dimension, as they build their complex electro-soul songs on instrument stations across the stage. 

Audiences can expect massive vibe, monster vocals, tribal rhythms with jungle and electro beats, funky guitars, weird gadgets, modern and traditional instruments, live sampling, looping, language and a whole lot of heart! Unlike any show you've ever seen before - their set is not to be missed.

“We made a vow to always present a strong live show that’s entertaining, energetic and fun. With strong experimental elements we aim to deliver something left of centre” - Bow and Arrow.

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Photography Credits:
Bow and Arrow; Boox Kid; First Nations House Artwork - Dylan Mooney.