Beddy Rays

BIGSOUND First Nations House

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Beddy Rays are your Brisbane party-starters; with mosh-ready singalong choruses and bucket-loads of punk and surf rock (think: Wavves and Dookie-era Green Day).

‘Sobercoaster’ was the track that put Beddys on the radar for many Aussies, but the band’s story started on a Redland Bay Primary School oval. After throwing around a few horrible names, they switched the letters of their hometown Reddy Bay and bada-bing-bada-boom… ‘Beddy Rays’ were born.

Now they’re adding to their A+ repertoire with another carefree crowd pleaser, ‘Better Weather’: a covid-era song serving the wholesome and important reminder to always check in on your mates. The track garnered instant support as triple j Unearthed 'Artist of the Week', as well as an immediate add to full rotation on triple j and massive support from Spotify. 

Beddy Rays have had the backing of Spotify from early days. The band has now been featured in New Music Friday AU & NZ, Local Noise, and the biggest rock playlist in Australia: Rock Out!. On top of this, they’ve also recently been added to ‘New Noise’ - an international emerging rock flagship. The band are showing signs of a growing international fan base with more than 50,000 unique monthly listeners on Spotify.

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Photography Credits:
Beddy Rays; Aodhan; First Nations House Artwork - Dylan Mooney.