Panel DiscussionVMDO Talks: Change Of Tune: Digital Music and Fandom

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Wednesday 21st October
9:30AM - 10:30AM (AEST)

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It's an incredible time to be a music listener. Digital platforms offer both an over-abundance of choice and easy access to artists. For most people, the perfect playlist is a few clicks (and – optionally! – a small monthly fee) away.

At the intersection of machine curation and personal preference, are we simply customising music listening to fit us perfectly, or flattering the safe choices of our taste? As streaming platforms and their algorithms grow in their influence of what reaches our ears, how do musicians form all-important connections with listeners? How can fans go beyond the music they already love... and how will these shifts in culture, technology and money influence the music industry of the future?


Genneah Turner


Artist Manager

Dyana Kass

Conference Speaker

Novateur Entertainment - Founder

Mardi Caught

Conference Speaker

The Annex - Founder

Regan Lethbridge

Conference Speaker

Lemon Tree Music - Co founder & Director