Panel DiscussionToday’s Ticket Is An Option, Not A Commitment. How To Win The Attendance Game


Thursday, 8th September
2:15PM - 3:00PM


Cellar - Cloudland
641 Ann St,
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006,


Just when we thought we knew how to move tickets pretty well, the behaviours of today’s festival and gig punters are throwing out everything we knew about buying cycles. How do we sell tickets to a buyer that wants to keep their options open, follow their friends, change their minds, but also have a ticket to that hot, sold-out show — and how do we make sure they actually show?  

Ticketing and culture marketing experts will share insights that will help us all better understand… How do I adjust to newfound desires for full flexibility and unprecedented last-minute decision-making from punters? Should I shut down resale or embrace it? How should I adjust my on-sale and campaign, and how do I make my show stand out? 


Taylor James


Lemon Tree Music - Manager

Jason Webb

Conference Speaker

Tixel - Co-founder

Seth Clancy

Conference Speaker

Oztix - Commercial Director

Paige X. Cho

Conference Speaker

Digital Marketing Lead