Panel DiscussionTo Innovation & Beyond: The Future Of Inclusive Music Tech

Presented by Youngcare


Thursday, 7th September
9:40AM - 10:10AM


Judith Wright Centre – ADC
420 Brunswick St,
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006,


It’s easy to take for granted the way design impacts our lives. Accessible design influences our paths through life everyday without many of us ever realising.

The beep at the traffic lights? An auditory device to help the visually impaired. The electric toothbrush? A tool designed to help those with limited motor skills. Telling Siri to send a text for you? The follow-on from the talk to text technology developed to assist those with limited typing ability. Using in-ear monitors on stage? Built on the back of hearing aids. For most, these are merely tools to make things quicker. For many though, they are necessities to move through life independently.

With technology moving at its fastest pace yet, we bring together a panel of experts to discuss what the future of inclusive design looks, feels and sounds like. With Youngcare Accessibility Ambassador Tim McCallum, artist Asphyxia, agent David Dean, and Newmarket Collective’s Kylie Davies.


Tim McCallum

Conference Speaker


David Dean

Conference Speaker

Hostile Entertainment - Owner/ operator

Kylie Davies

Conference Speaker

The Newmarket Collective - Director


Conference Speaker

Amplio Music - Presenter


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