Keynote Tim Urban: The Wizards Hat - Our Brain's Magical Future

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Thursday 22nd October
9:00AM - 10:00AM (AEST)

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Tim Urban is one the the founders of the Wait But Why blog, and the man who almost broke the internet with his TED Talk on procrastination (It's on my to do list :))

Urban comes to us with another fascinating discussion on how rapid developments in technology mean concepts such as singularity and telepathy are potentially just around the corner. He will illuminate the path music creatives can take to prepare for that future, and how we can all expect to harness our potential in ways we had previously only dreamed of.

With over 30 millions views for this TED Talk 'Inside the mind of a master procrastinator', this compelling and futuristic conversation will give an insight into the amazing capabilities for the human brain and tease viewers on what might be possible in the near future. So pop on the wizards hat and join Urban as he presents a compelling message of genuine hopefulness around the integration of AI.


Tim Urban

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