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Wednesday 21st October
2:30PM - 3:00PM (AEST)

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TikTok is having a big impact on the music industry. You probably know that, you're in the music industry. But maybe you don't? Maybe you're actually wondering "wtf is the deal with this TikTok thing? How exactly is it an important part of the music ecosystem and a tool for artists to find new audiences? Also, do I have to learn a dance to be on it?" 

The answer to that last one is no btw. To find out answers to those more important questions about opportunities for artists on TikTok, join this session 'A TikTok Playbook'. 

TikTok's Director of Music for Australia and NZ, Ollie Wards, will talk about the platform's relationship with music, give examples of local artists' approaches to building their fanbase and he'll demonstrate the viral WAP dance. Join to find out which of those will actually make it into this 30 minute session. 


Ollie Wards

Conference Speaker

TikTok - Director of Music