Panel DiscussionSecuring The Next Generation Of Music Professionals

Presented in partnership with The Push


Wednesday, 6th September
9:30AM - 10:15AM


Judith Wright Centre – ADC
420 Brunswick St,
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006,


Getting a start in the music industry isn’t the easiest pathway. Needing years of experience for an entry-level job? Sure. Not having a friend of a friend that can get you in somewhere? Sure. Unclear on what experience you even need to get started? Also sure. Landing your first industry job can be a tricky get for all the reasons above and more, but new pathways are beginning to open for our next generation of industry workers. 

Live Nation and The Push have recently announced the launch of their Music Industry Mentoring Program; a program that will take keen music enthusiasts and turn them into live industry professionals through on the job training at some of the country’s biggest events and tours, giving invaluable work experience, developing skills and networks, and most importantly, building confidence in the space. 

In this panel, we chat with a range of industry leaders and experts on how we build the next wave of music industry professionals and give them lasting skills and experiences.


Aarti Desai

Conference Speaker

The Push - Manager, Education and Training

David Morgan

Conference Speaker

Lemon Tree Music - Co-Founder

Michelle Lucia


Live Nation - Senior Vice President, Product and Experience

Stu Watters

Conference Speaker

Karvesh Pillai

Conference Speaker