Panel DiscussionQuit F*cking Up A Good Thing: Why We Self-Sabotage, Procrastinate, Let Ourselves And Other People Down And How We Can Stop

Presented by Support Act

Mental Health Stream

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Thursday 22nd October
11:00AM - 12:00PM (AEST)

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This workshop kicks off in our comfort zone, exploring why old habits die hard and the role our idiot brains have in trapping us in unhelpful patterns of behaviour. You’ll explore some of the usual suspects of self-sabotage, including perfectionism, procrastination, impulsivity and people-pleasing, and learn how our evolutionary need to avoid threats can keep us living small and making the same mistakes over and over. Finally, you’ll be prompted to ask yourself who you want to be and learn about the role identity plays in shaping behaviour.


Max Quinn


triple j - Product Manager

Kamran Ahmed

Conference Speaker

Rave Reviewz

Sahara Herald

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Frontier Touring - Tour Director

Ash King

Conference Speaker

Support Act / The Indigo Project - Mental Health Educator / Provisional Psychologist

Brendon Love

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The Teskey Brothers - Bass player