Panel DiscussionPutting Down The Master Tools: Alternative Pathways For Musicians Who No Longer Want To Serve The West

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Thursday 22nd October
3:00PM - 4:00PM (AEST)

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Western civilisation is considered by some to be on the brink of collapse. Or perhaps the fallacy of its superiority is on its way to extinction. As more and more people across the world question the systems we operate in, the music industry is forced to do the same. But rather than wait for the long-winded change on the horizon, artists are already forging their own pathways and (re)building systems for music sharing, collaboration and networking. In the region that spans from Tharawal to Darug lands (often referred to as Western Sydney), those concerned have been laying down the foundations for their own platforms. 

Join L-FRESH The LION, BARKAA, Nardine Gharsa and Ian ‘Esky’ Escandor as they share strategies, ideas and dreams for music to exist, like it has for longer than it hasn’t, outside the Western music industry.



Conference Speaker

L-FRESH The LION - Artist



Nardine Gharsa

Conference Speaker

Nardean - Artist

Ian 'Esky' Escandor

Conference Speaker

Street University Mt Druitt / Opnsrc.co - Senior Coordinator / Director