Panel DiscussionParenting - Releasing The Career Handbrake


Thursday, 7th September
1:45PM - 2:30PM


Judith Wright Centre – Rehearsal Room
420 Brunswick St,
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006,


Being a first-time (or second-time, or third-time) parent is stressful enough without adding in the thought of getting unceremoniously turfed from your job or fearing you’ll need to close your business. What does it mean for your financial stability? Who will look after your artists? Who will look after your kids? How will you make your way back to where you were?

For an industry built around artists, small business owners, and an unusual corporate structure, adding a kid to the mix can usurp a career in all sorts of ways - and that’s without throwing gender bias and discrimination into the mix as well.

According to the recent Encore report from RMIT, the biggest concern for music industry workers returning to the workforce is being excluded from their profession or workplace. So what does it take to change this motherload of an issue and level the playing field? Our panel - AAM’s Maggie Collins, RMIT Associate Professor Catherine Strong, podcaster & music ethnomusicologist Dr Shelley Brunt, Airlock Studios and Powderfinger's Ian Haug and more discuss just that.


Catherine Strong

Conference Speaker

RMIT - Associate Professor

Shelley Brunt

Conference Speaker

Music Mothers & Others / RMIT university - podcast presenter/producer + academic

Ian Haug

Conference Speaker

Airlock Studios/Records - Musician, Songwriter, Producer

Maggie Collins

Conference Speaker

Morning Belle / AAM - Executive Director


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