Panel DiscussionLet Me Down Easy: Approval Seeking, Copping Criticism And Handling Rejection In Work And Relationships

Presented by Support Act

Mental Health Stream

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Thursday 22nd October
12:30PM - 1:30PM (AEST)

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This workshop explores the psychological basis behind why rejection and criticism hurt so much, and why we are desperate to chase approval and praise (spoiler: our cavemen ancestors had something to do with it). You’ll learn about what criticism and praise say about you and about the work you do, and how you might respond – and (dare I say) grow from – criticism and rejection without devolving into a shattered mess. Finally, you’ll learn how to reconnect with your values and sense of purpose, which encourage you to live and create with more courage and curiosity.


Max Quinn


triple j - Product Manager

Ash King

Conference Speaker

Support Act / The Indigo Project - Mental Health Educator / Provisional Psychologist

Fanny Lumsden

Conference Speaker

Red Dirt Road Productions and Records

Luke O'Connor

Conference Speaker

Support Act - Industry Relations and Partnerships Manager

Nathan Cavaleri

Conference Speaker