Panel DiscussionHaving Their Back: How To Look Out For A Mate Who’s Not Doing Great And Help Support Them Through Tough Times

Presented By Support Act

Mental Health Stream

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Wednesday 21st October
12:00PM - 1:00PM (AEST)

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This workshop explores some tell-tale signs that your mate might not be doing great - from changes in behaviour and communication, to mood and impulsivity. It helps you understand the reasons why it might be difficult to have those hard chats and why it’s challenging to provide help to someone who might need it. Finally, it will provide some practical tips on how to be a good listener and support person, and how you might help someone take action and empower themselves and get the help they need. 

Warning: Please note this panel deals with issues of depression and contains adult themes.


Jane Gazzo



Brendon Love

Conference Speaker

The Teskey Brothers - Bass player

Ash King

Conference Speaker

Support Act / The Indigo Project - Mental Health Educator / Provisional Psychologist

Jaguar Jonze

Conference Speaker

Jaguar Jonze - Artist/Manager