Panel DiscussionGreat Minds Think Differently - Neurodiversity In Music

Presented by Support Act


Wednesday, 6th September
10:40AM - 11:25AM


The Precinct – Stair Stadium
level 2/315 Brunswick St,
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006,


Delegates are invited to attend and learn from this live panel discussion, exploring the intersection of neurodiversity and the music industry.

As more and more knowledge surrounding neuroscience and in particular, neurodiversity, becomes readily available, it makes sense to learn about how it can play into the lives of some of us – both inside and outside the music industry. Led by industry professionals, this panel session will focus on exploring the contributions of neurodivergent individuals to the creative process, as well as highlighting unique challenges and triumphs they experience.

Importantly, the panel will also maintain a focus on inclusivity — how nurturing and inclusive environments can be fostered in a way that ultimately celebrates the diverse minds in the world of music. Attendees will not only hear key personal perspectives from the panellists, but will also be able to adopt new perspectives of their own, learning about inclusive practices and language. Featuring Alex the Astronaut.


Alex The Astronaut

Conference Speaker


Leigh Treweek

Conference Speaker

Handshake Management - Director

Jocelyn Brewer

Conference Speaker

Velocity&Volition - Psychologist

Larissa Jane Hume

Conference Speaker

baked / Warner Music - Co-Creator / A&R Manager